Candidates & Company Culture

The Dallas IT market is booming! There are endless opportunities for candidates, and companies are continuously moving this way. More jobs.. not enough qualified people.
What does this mean? Good candidates are picky… and they can be! Telecommute, benefits, pension, PTO… these perks are the first things a quality candidate will ask during an initial call. What makes your company stand out? How can I sell your company to them?
Help me, Help you! My job as an agency recruiter is to SELL YOUR CULTURE and screen technical skills. I don’t want to sell a job description. Let us do the culture and technical screening. Let us save your time!
Company Branding is vital to a successful culture. Take a look at Netflix.
This doesn’t mean you need to redo your office with free snacks, bean bags and ping pong tables. I mean snacks, bean bags and ping pong tables are cool but they don’t keep quality people.
Offer perks that will really benefit your employees. Be flexible. Be human.
These processes will take time and believe me some people really hate change and love to “play it by the book” but if you engage your employees in an environment with the perks that will better their all around livelihood you better believe the good ones are gonna stay and your candidate pool is gonna skyrocket. Leaving you with a wide range of applicants that need the proper screening…. leave that to us 🙂
What are your thoughts?


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