The Hardest Skill Set to Find is…

Finding quality, high caliber candidates in this market isn’t easy. Job requirements are becoming more advanced and lengthy, and on top of that companies are looking for the perfect culture fit.

With an exciting employer brand and recruitment marketing techniques you can get a great pool of candidates… but there is still one skill set that is hard to find.


Passion is something that can’t be taught or faked. I’ve talked to a lot of candidates that are passionate about getting a job, due to a recent layoff, targeting a salary increase or they just hate their boss, but being passionate about getting a job and doing a job are two completely different things.

Companies with great perks, benefits and culture are no longer looking for candidates with a list of skills that meet their requirements. They are looking for candidates that go above and beyond their checklist… someone that attends user groups, does their own research to solve difficult problems… and ultimately someone who really wants to come into work every day and make a difference.

The difference between an average and great employee is enormous. 

Be sure to ask candidates the right questions during the interview process. These are typically “why?” questions. What gets them up in the morning? What are their long term goals? What is fulfilling?

Do you think passion is the hardest skill set to find?



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