Glassdoor: Best Places to Work Roadshow

Last Thursday I attended Glassdoor’s “Best Places to Work” Roadshow in Dallas.

They had four speakers that work at these “Best Places to Work” that included:

  • Bret Ferrar, CEO, Sendero
  • Jeff Selander, CEO, Health Catalyst
  • Vince Lim, Head of Experience and Communication, LiveRamp
  • Britt Ryan, Head of Recruiting, Entelo

These companies are under the small/medium business category. Take a look at the full list here.

Glassdoor is the fastest growing recruiting site and shows candidates what it’s like to really work at companies they are prospecting. It’s a place where candidates and investors go to first to see how your company is run.

How do reviews on Glassdoor impact your company? Why do these matter?

  1. A strong employer brand leads to more quality candidates. Recruitment marketing at its finest.
  2. Employees are your most effective ambassadors and influence potential candidates. They are either advocating or opposing your company.
  3. It proves that the employees voice matters. People like to be heard and feel their opinions are valued…with Glassdoor you can not hide behind perception.

So what makes a company the best place to work?

  • Clear path for advancement
  • Transparent Leadership
  • Unique culture that aligns with the corporate mission


A positive culture creates positive results which will ultimately impact the bottom line. 

A positive culture will ultimately engage and activate employees.

Employee Engagement = Higher Profits

Isn’t this what every company is striving for? Happy employees AND high profits!

The roundtable began and one topic the speakers kept bringing up is that culture takes time. Creating the best place to work isn’t going to happen overnight… and most importantly your executives need to be on-board.

A positive culture and work environment is impossible to build if your management and leadership team is not on the same page.

Retaining top talent is becoming harder and harder. Remind your management team this…let them imagine what it would be like if their best employees left tomorrow. How would this impact the bottom line? How would this impact their jobs?

Communication and transparency across the board is key.

Glassdoor has a great mission and changing the recruitment game. Be sure your company is an active engaged employer on the site and constantly working towards a better culture and work environment. After all, you can always strive to be better than the best 😉

What are some values and perks that you believe make companies the best place to work?

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