Recruiting: Quality and Connection

Why is it that I keep seeing more and more articles about bad agency recruiters? We have a bad reputation and that’s because the market is over saturated and the majority of agencies have extremely high turnover with very little training. “Sink or Swim” training I like to call it.

The real problem is that agencies train these newbies to hide behind a computer with email, LinkedIn Recruiter, job boards and other overpriced tools and evaluate their performance on ridiculous metrics (number of calls, emails and submits to client).

We are missing two things here: Quality and Connection

These are key elements to being a successful recruiter.

Quality is lacking. Recruiters are so terrified that they are not going to produce their metrics and get the boot that they are submitting sub par applicants, candidates that are not even a true match… an offer reject waiting to happen, and ultimately wasting clients time.

Being fast and sending candidates right away is only beneficial if they really are the best candidate for the job.

Quality > Quantity

We are also lacking in connection. We spend hours behind a computer day in and day out and have grown to think that that’s all it takes to build a relationship with a person. Wrong! Switching careers is a life changing event and thinking you can convince someone to change their life from an email is a joke. If you are hiding behind LinkedIn Recruiter, emails and one short 10 minute call to “screen” the applicant…then you are doing a dishonor to our service.

Candidates want to feel that they are your number one priority… and they should. After all, a perm fee  can pay $20-30K. Go out and meet your candidates, walk them in to the interview, take them to lunch after… actually build a relationship. It takes time. Ultimately enhance your network and it will come back to reward you.

Quit giving recruiters a bad name. Quit producing unrealistic metrics. Metrics don’t create long term results. Quality and connection will.

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